Aromatherapy and natural skincare products for soul and body

Alkanz Aromatics offers you pure high quality essential oils, organic argan oil, Alkanz Estate Olive Oil, organic hydrosols, natural soaps and inspiring handmade accessories. We have a beautiful collection of aromatic body oils, beard oils and natural perfumes. You can also order personalised gift hampers with your favourite products. Our free aromatherapy recipes follow safety guidelines and our products are suitable for vegetarian, vegan and halal consumers.

Join the path of aromatic discovery with us...

Aromatherapy and natural products can provide great benefits to you and your family on your search for more holistic and natural lifestyle.

You can find a unique range of Alkanz aromatherapy products to support natural organic skincare, holistic healthier lifestyle, relaxation and mental and physical well- being in our Etsy shop.

Pure, high quality essential oils, organic base oils and hydrosols and beautiful handmade accessories make your way to using natural ingredients easy, enjoyable and affordable. 

With every Alkanz essential oil you will get free, safe recipes to make easy homemade products yourself and information how to use essential oils safely.

We believe that  health of our soul and physical body affects our outer beauty and  that natural products are best for our health and well-being.  Visit our Etsy shop to find out more about our natural products designed for you and your loved ones.

If you would like us to make you a special gift hamper from our products, please let us know by mailing us.

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Organic olive oil and Aromatic Garden of Alkanz Estate

Alkanz Estate  is situated in Morocco in a beautiful rural location.  Since 2007 we have grown olives, figs, pomegranates, lemons, oranges and mandarins according to organic farming principals. 

In Alkanz you can sit under a flowering orange tree and smell the fragrant air, you can rub the leaves of rosemary in the palm of your hand while working in the herb garden or brew fresh mint in the teapot in the colourfully tilled kitchen and breath in the aromas - you are having an aromatherapeutic treatment! So it is easy to understand, why we are offering you pure high quality aromatic products and organic base oils - we want you to share our path to positive experiences and aromatic discoveries. Our dream is to create an Alkanz Aromatic Garden filled with herbs, flowers, aromatic trees, grasses and organic vegetables for you to enjoy when visiting Morocco.

The estate produces a limited amount of organic Alkanz Estate Olive Oil and we passionately promote it not only for culinary use but also for natural products in skin care, for hair, nails and in body care products.  Organic Olive Oil is rich natural source of anti-oxidants, vitamins E, K and A, minerals and hydrating compounds and is extracted only from the first press of Alkanz Estate organic olives.  It is 100% natural and free from pesticides, air polutants and factory made fertilisers.  Find out, how to use the oil from this blessed tree in your everyday life for health and beauty.

Alkanz means and is a treasure. You are warmly welcome! Marhaban!